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Other side of the stretcher
Kon : My Heart Between The Lines
lethal_insanity wrote in thrombi_support
Hi all, I'm a 22 year old paramedic who was recently diagnosed with several large and small pulmonary emboli. I had no significant medical history prior to my surprising diagnoses. No chest pain, no shortness of breath... just upper left quadurant abd. pain. I was told that I would have been dead in a matter of weeks if they had not been caught (story here). Now I'm on coumadin (finally off the Lovenox injections. WOOHOO!) and they're trying to get my levels right. Initally my INR was 2.2. Today my INR was 6.3. That's up from the 3.7 it was Friday. I can't go back to work on the ambulance until my doctor is sure I won't bleed to death if I get kicked somewhere or if hit my head.

So here I am on the other side of the stretcher. I'm very well versed in the medical world and pharmacology so all this is home to me. And, I hate finger sticks but since I'm alive to get them I can't complain much.

I just wanted to say hello. :)

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Hello, and welcome. :-)

I didn't have many warning signs before I wound up in the ER with a saddlebag embolism and clots in both lungs. I thought I was coming down with the flu, then, wham.

like i posted in your journal - wow, just wow. so glad things are better and even more glad that you're okay. i was 32 when i got my first clot and 35 when i got a partial. i am on blood thinners for life. all tests came back negative. no blood disorders. but i'm still here and that makes me extremely thankful and happy.
my INR goes wonky every few months, as does my dad's. no reason. no change in diet. it just does. hope things level out for you quickly.

I'm one of the lurkers, but I wanted to say hi.

Your story is very scary, but I'm glad they found it. I know what you mean about having medical people around. My family is medical as well, this would all be much, much scarier without them around.

One piece of advice if you end up on the Lovenox again (I did) - a warm washcloth right after the injection can help with the burning. Don't massage it, but placing it right over the injection site helps.

Hopefully your anti-coagulation clinic can help get the INR under control. Mine were crazy up and down like that at first as well.

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