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Sorry about how dead it is here lately!
meant to do that, um yeah
elfmoogle wrote in thrombi_support
Sorry guys, I have kind of neglected this community lately. I've had a lot on my plate due to recent hospitalizations (mostly related to PAVMs, not clots).

Please continue to post any and all questions you have, and if you don't find your answers here, please check the following sites, they're great resources:

FVL.org - site all about FVL, as well as info about various other clotting disorders, even has a section with questions to a doctor which he answers fairly regularly, VERY informative. This was how I first educated myself about the disorder several years ago.

NATT - National Alliance for Thrombosis and Thrombophilia, has lots of brochures, newsletters, links, pamphlets, educational material from doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc on ... thrombosis and thrombophilia. Right now they are working on a local chapter in Minnesota so if you live in MN and want to volunteer to help them out, you can check their website and contact them.

There are also several e-mail communities out there that are VERY active. The one associated with FVL.org gets 10-20 e-mails a day (no spam, there are over 1000 members in that email list). So if you are wanting an answer right away, on just some random thrombophilia question, and are worried this community is too slow (it's true, it's slow, and again I'm sorry ^^;; ), try signing up for their e-mail list if you wish.

Not trying to chase anyone off, just want to give you guys the best ways of getting information possible.


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