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not sure
plickt wrote in thrombi_support
i am very thankful that i have never had a clot before- i found out about my protein S deficiency because of my mom's clots. so, my question is what were your first symptoms when you had clots?

i am a little paranoid that i will get one since i just had 2 long flights and now my calves are tight and sore. is that just because i didn't move for 16 hours or because i'm starting to clot? i am also paranoid about my condition, since i had leukemia 4 years ago, and i'm always worried about clotting and relapse and what not.

thanks in advance.

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I didn't know I had a clot until I had the PE, but in hindisght, the affected leg was badly swollen and discolored, and there were sharp pains in the calf.

If you're concerned about clotting, you should go in and at least have them ultrasounded, for peace of mind.

Yes...I had sharp pains in my leg...like a charlie horse. If you have a clot, the leg will also swell (circumference wise), turn red, and be warm to the touch (warmer than the surrounding areas). Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I had a clot and ended up having a pulmonary embolism (or a blood clot in the lungs). I passed out and stopped breathing. If you think you have a clot, don't ignore it. Have an ultrasound done and get it check out. At the very least, it will give you some peace of mind.

Same here, and I have had PE twice. Just last week they found two quarter size blood clots in my sons left leg (where my came from). He thought that he pulled a leg muscle. Get yourself checked.

The pain in my leg from my clot started out as what I would describe as soreness from working out too hard, but with each passing day, the pain got more and more severe. To the point that I could not straighten it or get up and walk on it. However, my leg did not swell or turn red or hot, at least not much. It just hurt like crazy hell and no amount of tylenol helped!

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