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bellaunbound wrote in thrombi_support
I am searching for a pair of black opaque (not sheer or semi-sheer like pantyhose) TIGHTS in the 20-30 mm compression gradient range. I use the compressionstockings.com website to typically order my compression garments since they have a lot of brands, but I'm stumped on this one.  I have a good pair of sheer/nude compression hose, and lots of black opaque knee socks, but the knee socks aren't enough when I'm on my feet all day and I like wearing a lot of dresses with truly opaque tights in cooler weather.

I've decided to start researching brands now, as we all know that these stockings can be expensive.

Have any ladies in this community found good black tights?


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Hello let me tell you what's been going on March 2011 I got on a plane from AZ to FL when I got to Florida my right leg turned red so I went to the ER where the doctor ordered a DVT ultrasound which the findings were indeed a DVT blood clot so I was admitted in the hospital for a week and placed on Warfarin then I came back to AZ and 4 months later returned to Florida and had to go to the hospital for something else had another DVT was admitted again for yet another week now for about a month or so I've been having bad pain in the back of my right knee "very painful" to stoop bending knee in a sitting position I'm scheduled to have another DVT ultrasound done tomorrow Apr 2nd if I have another DVT blood clot and already being treated with warfarin since Mar 2011 will I have to be admitted in the hospital again...Please respond

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