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fire elemental
dkphoenix wrote in thrombi_support
I got some good news this week. :-)

(Quick background: I had multiple PEs caused by DVTs in my right leg on October 12th. Clots in both lungs, along with a saddlebag clot in my pulmonary artery. One week in ICU followed, two weeks total in the hospital, been on coumadin every since.)

I went for a follow-up CT scan this Monday and the clots in my lungs, along with the big saddlebag clot have completely dissolved. This means I am no longer in danger of developing secondary pulmonary hypertension, which is something they were concerned about. It is so nice, after three months of complications and things going wrong to have something go that right. :-)

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I'm so happy for you congrats! You deserve to be better!

Congrats! Glad to hear, especially from someone who had a saddle thrombus!

How long did it take for your clots to dissolve?

Wow, it's been five years since this happened. That's a difficult question to answer. The saddle embolus had mostly dissolved during that week in the ICU, when they were pumping clot busters at it. The smaller to medium sized clots in my lungs were gone within three months. Some of the clots in my leg never did dissolve completely, the tissue in the veins just scarred around them.

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