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A mini update
applejakk wrote in thrombi_support
Well I'm done with the pregnancy part of my trip. I stayed on Lovenox until I was 36 weeks pregnant. I was then switched to heparin. We never did get the dosing for that correct before
I had my son via c-section. I had blood work done with a dosing change 3 to 4 times a week. Starting at 25,000 units ending on 18,000 All in a matter of two weeks. The worst part was NONE of the pharmacies carried 25,000 unit vials, and I had to give myself two shots twice a day when the doses were above 20,000. My body also hated the heparin, every injection site brused like mad and got hard knots under it that hurt like hell.

It was fun to find someone to do the spinal due to my numbers being high. Finally a great anesthesiologist came in and did it. He rocked, as I did have some bleeding problems and required some shots in my shoulder to stop the bleeding. While in the hospital I was put on a heparin drip and coumadin. I was started at 15mgs of coumadin and dropped to 10 before leaving the hospital Only 3 days of the drip.

Blood test after blood test, I was slowly dropped,to 7mgs of the coumadin. My INR is now 2.9 but my last two Ptt's were 89 and 69. Its not clear to them why this is. So Monday I go for a mixing study. I don't know what my body is doing. I need more info on a mixing study, I'm going to google it tonight. Have any of you ever had one? Or for that matter a good INR but a high ptt time? From what I understand this happening is weird. At first they thought some heparin came in contact with my blood, but after lowering my dose, and confirming I'm not taking heparin it was still high.

Anyway I just needed to update a bit for my own sake. I talk about INR's and PTTs and people look at me like I'm insane. At least in here you all understand the meaning of it all.


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