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bywnans wrote in thrombi_support
Hi there. Im sorry if this sounds like im being a slight hyperchondriac, maybe i am i dont know, but i thought i would ask in this community seeing as from what i have read the members have a lot of experience with DVT. About 2 weeks again i twisted my knee, it hurt for a few days and i couldnt kneel on it but within a couple of days my knee was fine. However,ever since then i have had mild pains that come and go in my leg (both my calf and thigh), there is no swelling or redness or discoluration. Iam terrified that i somehow have DVT and was wondering if these symptoms sound like anything anyone else has experienced?
Thanks for any help in advance.
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Probably not a DVT. DVT pain does not come and go, it worsens and it's debilitating. It sounds to me like you just injured a nerve or something.

One thing to do to test this pain is to try and stand on it. Or to tip your foot toward your body. That's how the nurses always tested me. If I got a shooting pain up the back of my calf from that, then they worried. Otherwise, it was just attributed to muscular or nerve pain. I'm with you, I worried constantly about lots of pains. And you could always go to the doctor and have them check it out. Better safe than sorry. But if you don't have any of the risk factors aside from an injury, it's pretty unlikely.

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