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I feared this would happen
logdogs wrote in thrombi_support
So I have this lovely little blood disorder called Factor V (five) Leiden. It was responsible for my massive blood clot at 18 and will for the rest of my life be a royal pain in my side. When not pregnant I take a pill blood thinner which is fine I can handle that. But now that I'm pregnant again I'm back to giving myself 2 shots a day. They aren't that back except for the fact that they sting and bruise but they are keeping me and my baby alive so they are worth it. The costs however are outrageous! A three month supply is over $12,000. We found out that our insurance will cover 80% but that still leaves us with needing to come up with an extra $2400 every 3 months on top of all of our regular expenses and doctors bills.

So we're freaking out quite a bit. Before we lost the last pregnancy we got a 3 month supply of meds through my old job (which had amazing benefits) so it only cost us $50. Those are the meds that I am working through right now. But they will run out on January 25th.

We've looked into applying for Medicaid through the State but ironically we make too much. According to the Federal poverty level calculation we make 355% over the national poverty level. To qualify for Medicaid you can't make more that 100% or below the poverty level. We're still going to go down to the state office tomorrow with a doctors letter to see if extenuating circumstances will help me get aid.

We looked deeper into our benefits and found out that "if a participants out of pocket prescription cost exceed $2500 their remaining prescription responsibility will be reduced from 20% to 5% for the remainder of the plan year" That will help us tremendously. It'll mean that after we get the initial 3 month supply in January we will only have to pay about $600 every three months. Still a lot of money but totally manageable.

So baring we don't qualify for Medicaid (which I seriously doubt we will). We need to find a way to come up with $2400 by the beginning of January (yes I don't run out until the 25th but I have allow for a few weeks for it to be delivered since its mail order only).

Coming up with that kind of money during the holiday season is going to be close to impossible. We will have about half the needed amount saved up by the 1st but we could really use suggestions on ways to come up with the other half.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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wow well thanks for commenting. I guess if you didn't have anything positive to contribute you shouldn't have commented.

Don't judge thinking that we're so rich and have everything. You don't know anything about where we've been or how we've come to where we are.

Our tax dollars pay towards medicaid and we are in a real need of assistance. I am not saying that we need full medical, food stamps, cash or anything else, just help with this huge out of pocket expense.

I'm sorry if you're needs are so great that you can't see that others may have needs as well!

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All right my Sweets, let's not get into a pity party competition. If you spend all your time trying to prove that you deserve more sympathy than anyone else, the end result is usually that you get none.
Instead, let's talk about the problems at hand!

When my Mother was young, and in a similar situation, she hand-made Christmas ornaments in the shape of little sleds and sold them for a few dollars a piece. She asked friends to offer a few at their workplaces, to ask around, and she even rented a cheap spot in a local flea market. It really helped us that year.

It might be a little late for this now, but the basic concept could be applied any time of year. Just try to consider what your talents are: are you crafty? Do you give good backrubs, or bake the best brownies? Ask friends for ideas.

Something like this is an opportunity for people who love you and care about you (and know about your problems) to lend a hand without it seeming like charity, and without the financial burden falling too heavily on any one person.
Just be sure not to lean on anyone to heavily.
Always remember that someone else's life may be going over a patch just as rocky as yours, though you might not know it.

God bless, and good luck to you both.
Peace be with you,

I have heard that if you contact the pharmaceutical company of the drugs you do have to take (Lovenox?) that they sometimes will help you out. Anyways, my neighbor, a pharmacy technician who works at a hospital, told me about that when I told her of how I take coumadin and if one day I decided to have a baby and all that fun stuff I'd have to do with it and I know ahead of time anyways just how much it all costs....

i hear you on being too "rich" to get on assistance but too poor to pay the medical bills.

but unmistakably_me is right about checking with the manufacturer of the drug for programs, or your pharmacist/ insurance company/ hr person/ insurance person at the dr. office... may be able to come up with some solutions.

if all else fails, ask for money towards meds for christmas/ shower gifts.

and slightly on the plus side, at least you will get it back on your taxes.

*jaw drops*

$12,000 for a three month supply!!

I had no idea. I'm in the category of having to go on them if I ever have kids too but I haven't been pregnant so I never really looked into the cost.

I don't know if it would help you or not, but I went to a high risk ob/gyn type and he said that during pregnancy there isn't a clear advantage of lovenox over heparin since you have to take the lovenox twice daily anyway. He said that heparin was cheaper. Just thought I'd throw it out anyway even though it sounds like you have things under control.

Good luck with the pregnancy. I hope it's a healthy one.


I'm 18 and last year I had a major pulmonary embolism

I have Factor Two Prothrombin

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